Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nashville Star - Melissa Lawson: Hometown Hero

OK, I don't watch Nashville Star. I have no desire to. I'm sure it's a good show, but after 42 seasons of American Idol, I kind of gave up on this format. Now don't get me wrong...I'll be watching Rock of Love until Bret Michael' extensions are literally hanging on by one tiny piece of bleached blonde hair. But hearing a bunch of small town singers try to make it big warbling songs I don't even like to hear the original singer/band take on...I don't think so.

So why am I writing about NS? Because that's all anybody else is talking about around here, so I might as well, too!

Evidently, she's from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and the news will talk of nothing else. You'd think this chick just declared she was Jesus Christ. I mean...I was getting ready for derby practice, and they were showing her playing with her kids. In a voice over, she confided in us what she doesn't miss being away from her family for so long - Changing diapers! Bath time (which I'd previously heard moms kind of that made me suspicious of her immediately!)! Then she was cutting her son's hair with crappy scissors and doing a really bad job (Gad she didn't decide to go with Shear Genius...). Right before I left, they were talking to her husband (who was also clad in a Nashville Star least she's stocking up on swag). When I came home from practice...there she was again! They were talking about how she is planning to sell her home to chase her dream (they even showed the lockbox on her door so we'd know they weren't making it up). When all was said and done, I knew way more about her than I ever needed to...well, except how she sings!

I don't know why they didn't show her performing. Maybe that was in the 8th segment or something. My only hope is that it's not very well...I don't think I can take much more of this!

Edited to add: After I closed up the laptop for the night, I sat down to read the paper (yes, I'm an evening paper kind of gal...I'm too busy sleeping in the morning to get to it). Guess who the first article I read was about? Not even kidding.

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RICK said...

Hilarious blog! She's actually an awesome singer...We're excited that someone is finally paying attention..but I never expected so many stories about our personal life..Goodness, they ran the news story 3 separate times on the same day!!! I'm sick of me too and I'm just the husband! Anyway, you can check her out on YouTube and avoid all the rest of the show. Thanks again for making me laugh! Rick Lawson